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To all our friends, families, collegues, and fans of inlayers,

Jenn Doan

Jenn Doan - Producer/Dancer

The artists of inlayers have started an online fundraiser. Our goal is to raise $6000 by February 5, 2012. This is the final week of the project before we present the final work live in Calgary.

I am taking this opportunity to explain in more detail why it is that we need your help by contributing to this fundraising effort. For many people, even dance artists who have been in their profession for a long time, it is sometimes misunderstood exactly how much it really costs to create and produce a dance project like inlayers so I will reveal specific figures for better understanding.

We are currently working on a reduced budget of $29,425. What do I mean by a reduced budget? That most of the people involved are being paid at a reduced rate or working for free (pro bono as some call it) and certain expenses have been down sized majorly. This project is only possible with the love and commitment from the artists for their art because if everybody and everything was paid at the full value of what their time was worth our real cost budget would actually be $44,309.

For example, Equity, a national professional artists’ union for performing artists, suggest that a professional dancer be paid a minimum of $21.25/hour for rehearsals in a contract. With inlayers current funding situation, we are only able to pay each dancer $10/hour, which is basically a minimum wage.
Most of the dancers who are involved have completed at least a post secondary education and most have also continued to further their professional development on a continual basis which is vital for our careers.
Now here is the challenge, even though the artists have committed to working for less than what they are worth, we are risking to be paid even less than this already reduced amount. Why? Even this project was made possible because of a grant award from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts but this amount only covers 28% of our reduced budget. The other 72% up to our own efforts with fundraising initiatives, business sponsors, and tickets sales. This amount of money takes a lot of work to find!

What are all our expenses? Fees for all our human resources: the 5 dancers, the choreographer, the filmmaker, the rehearsal director, the producer, the producer’s assistance, the website designer, the lighting designer, the stage managers & technicians. Many of us are working almost full time to make this project happen. Then there are the costs of creation and production such as rehearsal studios rentals, flights for the out of town dancers, venue rental & liability insurance for final show, equipment for sound & lights rental, costumes, sets, camera & equipment rental for documentation, and marketing material & printing costs for posters, flyers, show programs, tickets, graphic design, photography.

I have been a dancer for the last 10 years. I have given many many many projects my full time and dedication and doing so often for very little or no payment. We all start out and commit to projects for experiences and opportunities. That is a necessary part of the artists game. Though in the last few years I decided that I must get myself paid for the work I do out of complete practicality because I have to pay rent and eat and due to a change in my beliefs. Artists must be valued for the work they do and paying artists for their work is the best place to start. The old idea of “poor artists” must be changed and it will only do so if we ourselves as artists and patrons of the arts start that change.

As the producer of this show, it is my responsibility to ensure those who are involved can walk away feeling compensated for what they will do and contribute in the next 5 weeks to the world. Even a small contribution of $5 will make a difference. If you think of what you can easily spend just $5 on, this will go a long way for inlayers….

If you feel inspired and believe in what we are doing please help support inlayers with a donation.

The artists of inlayers are asking for your support by donating to our online fundraiser. Though the project is underway with the support from Alberta Foundation for the Arts, this funding only covers 25% of the budget. The rest is up to our own efforts. Your donations will go to help pay the 8 involved artists for their full time contributions, hard work, and dedication during the 6 weeks of this project as well as additional creation and production costs.
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About Jenn Doan

Jenn Doan is a producer, choreographer, dancer, yoga teacher, and dance talk radio host based in Montreal, QC. She began her dance studies at the University of Calgary and while finishing a BFA in Contemporary Choreography at Concordia University in 2007, began to self-produce her own work, primarily within the Canadian Fringe Festivals, with a co-founded dance theater company called Inertia Productions. Currently, Jenn is the co-artistic director of Woo Me Myth, a dance rock opera (DRO) performance company. The company produced The Duck Wife (2010), an Inuit myth based DRO touring across Fringe Festivals in Canada and receiving audience acclaim throughout. The work won Best Ensemble Performance, Best of the Fest, nominated for Best English Production, and made Centaur Theater's Top Ten Productions of 2010. Jenn has collaborated on many creative projects with vocalists, composers, filmmakers, visual artists, and theater artists. She co-choreographed ADDICTED (2009) with House of Dangerkat touring to NYC and Europe, produced Transfigurations (2009) at Dancers' Studio West with spoken word artist Moe Clark, and both the 1st & 2nd installment of inlayers: an interactive online dance creation. Most productions have been self-supported and only two out of six with small public funding support. Jenn has been a guest speaker at YES Montreal's 2011 Artist Conference and Quebec Drama Federation's 2011 Artist Symposium speaking on topics of Alternative Fundraising for Artists and Diversity in the Arts.

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