pre thoughts/feelings…

Taryn Javier

Taryn Javier - Project Creation & Development | Production | Artistic Direction & Choreography

ok….so i want to say i will be writing this as i think and about how i feel during this process. i’m going to free flow all of these. like a journal….from me. so…now to get to the point.

here i am about to embark on the second go at inlayers….
i’m excited..
i’m scared…
i worry that i will fail. damn it. i’m always worrying i will fail.

but…whatever. i also want to make the best piece i’ve ever made. i go into every piece like that.

i’ve been thinking a lot about what should be the main focus? what questions do i ask to invoke strong emotion….enough to be felt by all nearby.
how do i get the dancers to emote from an honest place? something strong enough to drive into the heart of those that witness…?
there are other concerns like….how do i make this whole process interesting enough to engage people AND have them be comfortable enough to comment? to question? to involve themselves as artists…..? so much i want people to get involved….i really want to bring art to their table…in their home…where they are comfortable and open enough to be honest and feel like they are part of this….actually no….where they know they are engaging and they KNOW they are involved….

so badly i want people to get involved. to ask whatever…to say whatever….to communicate with us ALL along the process.

another thing i consider is my dancers. oh how i love my dancers. 🙂
i want to present challenge to them all….i want them to grow….i love to push people to where i see they can go….but what i love more is the surprise i get when they go further. dancers are so amazing….they are so delicate and strong at the same time… lucky it is to be a dancer….it sounds so flakey or wishy washy…but it’s true. dancers are amazing because they put their vulnerability out there for everyone to see…and to feel. how amazing is that? how brave? how lucky i feel when i witness ….and feel all of this…

i think i’m going off on a tangent here.

ok….focus. some of the questions i want to ask are the following…what consumes you?
what consumes you?
what consumes you?
what consumes you?

is it healthy? how do you know you are consumed? do you know you are being consumed? how can we tell?
how do we get out of consummation that is unhealthy? is ALL consummation unhealthy? what are physical cues of consummation? has there been a time when you realized this is what was going on for you? ever? what was that moment…..? let me know.

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About Taryn Javier

Javier has received European, national, and provincial funding for both her training and work. With or without funding, Taryn has created and shown work across Canada, producing work in Montreal and now here in Calgary. She has been shown at the University of Calgary’s Dance Montage, Aleatoires 48 heures, Alberta Dance Explosions, plink plink plink, c.a.k.e.’s midway at the High Performance Rodeo, Spark in the Fluid Festival and most recently completed Dancers’ Studio West’s Artist in Residence. Currently, Taryn runs a community Class Towards Creation. The class examines and practices methods in refining how and where movement can be developed with a focus on producing statements of substance holding strong personal reference. She searches to find the place where we can all connect to one another, through movement and self expression. Javier has taught actors, contemporary dancers, athletes, voice and visual artists and urban movers alike. Recently, Javier began her own company entitled, lookworks. At present, Taryn is constructing a piece for the Site Specific Tours in the 2012 High Performance Rodeo, in addition to this second installment of inlayers.

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