About inlayers

How it began

In October of 2009, Jenn and Taryn began their collaboration to explore new methods of making contemporary dance more accessible. The project went to Montreal to be created and produced in five weeks. Dancers and interested artists were rounded up. They began to share the videos of this process with their network of friends on facebook attempting to reach out and stir interest in what it was they were doing. People responded and inlayers was born. inlayers – partie une opened to a full house on Dec. 05, 2009 at Studio Le Space.

What is inlayers?

inlayers is an innovative dance project conceived and developed by Jenn Doan and Taryn Javier. The artists’ primary vision is to vastly expand the art of contemporary dance to new levels by using online social media to reach a worldwide public. inlayers is a trilogy that will grow and unfold over the next 3 years, reaching international levels of artistic involvement and audience participation. Each installment consists of a contemporary dance work choreographed by Javier in 5 weeks. The creative process is documented every step of the way. Weekly webisodes are created and posted online to reveal pivotal moments of the artists’ work inside the studio to the online audience.

Dance with us.

During these 5 weeks, the artists interact with online viewers through blogs via questions and discussion topics. Whether dance is your profession or whether you are someone new to this art form inlayers encourages all to participate. Comment. Critique. Ask questions. Awaken the artist within yourself.

What does it really take to produce a dance performance? While many have experienced a complete polished dance work live in the theatre, audiences have not been given a window to witness what artists’ do behind the curtains. inlayers provides the opportunity to experience the raw, unpredictable process of dance creation while providing a platform to engage alongside the artists through dialogue. It is the goal of the inlayer’s artists to access new audiences, increase comprehension of the art form, and spark appreciation through what is revealed online. This will in turn inspire more viewers to experience dance in the flesh.