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It’s a given that any place in the running for the “Best Cafe” vote is going to serve up a good strong cup of joe.  What sets Beano apart is the scene.  At any time of day, this is where you’ll find Calgary’s most colorful crowd – blue-haired riot grrls adn their band-member boyfriend, smartly dressed elderly men with accents, beret-wearing beatniks, artists in paint-splattered pants, young things with sleeve tattoos and anyone else Starbucks wouldn’t have for a barista.  This heady brew of humanity smunches shoulder-to-shoulder in the bright, L-shaped room that always smells like fresh-baked cookies, sipping potent black java and nursing giant lattes from white bowls.  Beano’s been playing since 1990, and it’s not about to lose its edge anytime soon.


About Mohamed Hamad

Mohamed Hamad is a web developer, designer and photographer from Auckland, New Zealand, currently based in Montreal. Mohamed's background is in web development and social media marketing, with an affinity for gadgets and life changing technologies. When not changing the world behind the scenes, Mohamed moonlights as a photographer.

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