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To convey something against words

Presently I choose to work in live performance because I believe it is a medium with great affective, creative, intellectual, emotional, and reflective potentials. I have trouble with dance’s ability to only communicate one specific thing, but am continually surprised at its ability to communicate so many things at once. I go to see live performance because of its capacity to use bodies to speak about socio-political, intellectual, emotional, and epochal issues, which are always somehow closely related to the body.

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Dance brings me into the present moment and helps me feel connected mind, body and soul

So I am one of those dancers that has been dancing since the age of four (it’s really not as fancy as it sounds). As a little one, I was completely uncoordinated and had the attention span of a peanut. Dance class was an extra-curricular activity that my mom enrolled me in as a strategy to exert my creative energy in ballet rather than destroy her white carpets with all my crafty creations & materials – hot glue gun and sparkles included.

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Dance feeds my soul and gives me hope.

Jenn Doan

Movement and performance creation has always been with me since a young age. I was really expressive with my creativity and always quite kinesthetic and physical. In Grade 6 I remember being inspired by a movie on tv so i decided to write up a whole play on my own time and performed it with a friend for the whole class. I would also always go the extra mile when we were asked to write book reports in Language arts class. I would create a whole performance instead of write a “report.” I also remember creating every kind of club possible like a cooking club, a sewing club, an animal club, a Fear Street club… Me and my friend would organize field trips and events for all our clubs.

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