Dance brings me into the present moment and helps me feel connected mind, body and soul

Pamela Tzeng

Pamela Tzeng - Dancer

So I am one of those dancers that has been dancing since the age of four (it’s really not as fancy as it sounds). As a little one, I was completely uncoordinated and had the attention span of a peanut. Dance class was an extra-curricular activity that my mom enrolled me in as a strategy to exert my creative energy in ballet rather than destroy her white carpets with all my crafty creations & materials – hot glue gun and sparkles included. For most of my childhood it was just a regular hobby of mine. I never took it seriously until I reached high school and for some reason decided that being a ballerina was dream – leading me to train furiously, injure my knees and ultimately become quite unhealthy with my eating habits and body image.  When I graduated, it became decision time of what would I do for the rest of my life, not fun.  Pressured to follow a more financially secure career path (logical coming from an asian family), I decided to pursue an undergraduate degree in Biology and put away my dreams of being a dancer. I had planned to eventually become a Chiropractor so that I could stay connected with dance, living vicariously through patients.  In my fourth year of University I unexpectedly found myself enrolled in a contemporary dance course as open option. There I discovered a new and healthier way of using my body. I slowly began immersing myself in the unfamiliar world of explorative movement and fell in love with the transformative and intellectual stimulation that the contemporary discipline offered. That was the beginning of what has now been a 3-year journey of following my passion and exploring who I am as an artist and human being.

Pamela Tseng - Dancer

Dance brings me into the present moment and helps me feel connected mind, body and soul.  It is where I feel safe to look deep inside myself, confront unfamiliar aspects of my identity and express how I feel and what I think with those around me with little or no censor.  With this profession I am constantly learning and being physically and mentally challenged – it is never dull and always full of surprising possibilities.

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About Pamela Tzeng

Native to Alberta, Tzeng’s artistic journey has brought her to train and perform in Canada and across Europe and Brazil. As a performer she has worked with Arsenale della Danza, W&M Physical Theatre, La Caravan Dance Theatre and choreographers Ismael Ivo, Laura Boato, Stephen Thompson and Taryn Javier. Her choreography has been presented in several festivals in Alberta including Alberta Dance Festival and Springboard’s Fluid Movement Arts Festival. With the kind support of The Canada Council for the Arts and The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, she been able to pursue, produce and create dance by attending the 2010 ImPuls Tanz Festival in Vienna, Austria and choreographing ‘Fragile Ground’, premiered this fall in Dancers’ Studio West Artist in Residence 2011.

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