inlayers Adopt-a-Dancer Program

This is the final week before our final event in Calgary to present to the public the work we have been creating. This is also the final week to help the artists of inlayers with your generous support.

We propose to you inlayers Adopt-a-Dancer Program.

Equity, a national professional artists’ union for performing artists, suggest that a professional dancer be paid a minimum of $21.25/hour for rehearsals in a contract. With inlayers current funding situation, we are only able to pay each dancer $10/hour, which is basically a minimum wage.

Most of the dancers who are involved have completed at least a post secondary education and most have also continued to further their professional development on a continual basis, which is vital for our careers. For example, Melina Stinson has graduated from the Dance Program at the University of Calgary and then went on to continue 3 more years of professional development at LADDMI in Montreal. Simon Portigal also spent 2 years at LADDMI and went on to put 3 more years of training at P.A.R.T.S in Belguim. With this type of schooling / training, we are well worth more than $10/hour as professional dancers.

When you Adopt-a-Dancer, your contributions will go towards paying the portion of the dancers salary that we are unable to cover with our current funding situation.

The goal is to raise our salary to $20/hour for 80 hours of rehearsals.

Though it should be noted that because this project is self-produced by the artists themselves, this 80 hours does not include administrative and promotional work that must be put in outside of rehearsals in order for the project to be successful. Some of us have been working full time on this project for the last 6 weeks.

For all contributions over $100 you will receive a deductible tax receipt.

Please contact me directly at to make a donation and receive this tax receipts. For all other amounts under $100, you can contribute directly online with all major credit cards.

Thank you all for your consideration.

About Jenn Doan

Jenn Doan is a producer, choreographer, dancer, yoga teacher, and dance talk radio host based in Montreal, QC. She began her dance studies at the University of Calgary and while finishing a BFA in Contemporary Choreography at Concordia University in 2007, began to self-produce her own work, primarily within the Canadian Fringe Festivals, with a co-founded dance theater company called Inertia Productions. Currently, Jenn is the co-artistic director of Woo Me Myth, a dance rock opera (DRO) performance company. The company produced The Duck Wife (2010), an Inuit myth based DRO touring across Fringe Festivals in Canada and receiving audience acclaim throughout. The work won Best Ensemble Performance, Best of the Fest, nominated for Best English Production, and made Centaur Theater's Top Ten Productions of 2010. Jenn has collaborated on many creative projects with vocalists, composers, filmmakers, visual artists, and theater artists. She co-choreographed ADDICTED (2009) with House of Dangerkat touring to NYC and Europe, produced Transfigurations (2009) at Dancers' Studio West with spoken word artist Moe Clark, and both the 1st & 2nd installment of inlayers: an interactive online dance creation. Most productions have been self-supported and only two out of six with small public funding support. Jenn has been a guest speaker at YES Montreal's 2011 Artist Conference and Quebec Drama Federation's 2011 Artist Symposium speaking on topics of Alternative Fundraising for Artists and Diversity in the Arts.

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