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inlayers episode 10

As the project is just passed half way, Taryn struggles to place each section in the right order. Simon, Jenn and Melina work on a challenging lift and Ralph feels the shift of moving from improv-based work to a more structured rehearsal.

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inlayers episode 9

With Ralph away, Taryn has the other four dancers take part in more improv where they have to work in the opposite way they are used to. A lot of dialogue is used, and some breakthroughs are made, providing Taryn with some material to link the group sections in the piece.

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inlayers episode 8

As the piece begins to take form in small vignettes, the dancers start to question their involvment in dance on a deeper level. New material is created and the group starts to connect to each other much more closely than before.

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In the past few rehearsals i had a breakthrough, which nominated me as a featured dancer for those rehearsals. For one of the rehearsals Pam, Melina and i had to use Melina’s solo she developed from the day before and find ways to use contact in it. We played with some lifts and contact through our limbs and taryn would come often to see what she liked, and fix what she didn’t like. There were a number of lifts where i was the one that was lifting and since im not as experienced in lifting liked to have more time to figure pathways out. But before we got to a point where we actually got it, taryn would change it because it was not working. I was annoyed a bit and did tell her half way through to back off a bit just because we all need the time to figure stuff out. Which after the three of us found our rhythm and cleared up pathways and it was all fine and dandy! She later made us do our phrase we made x3 to the point of exhaustion which actually turned out pretty well from what she said.

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Maybe this is exactly where I need to be…

Pamela Tzeng

At this point of the inlayers process I’m feeling emotionally drained. In the past weeks Taryn has been using several structured improvisations to develop material for the work and the relationships between the dancers. As we’ve been researching and working to ‘drop into’ our states of consumption more quickly… an unsettling trend in my behavior has been happening when we really get into the meat of our improvs– that of becoming so emotionally frustrated that I begin to cry.

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inlayers episode 7

The dancers take a second go at the improv where they had to chose a word to describe each other dancer’s energy and try and get them to work in the opposite direction. During the next rehearsal, Taryn starts to piece some of the work together and the dancer’s have a group chat about becoming closer in the process.%POST_TITLE%

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Car doors and dance floors

Melina Stinson

Since I graduated from dance school 2.5 years ago, I have been very lucky to participate in many interesting projects. I haven’t had any prolonged breaks or times with nothing waiting for me around the next corner. More and more I can actually live/survive on the small pay from these dance contracts. Like most dancers, I also have a few part-time jobs (teaching yoga mostly) that help weave a thread of stability through the contractor life-style. This is all tickity-boo if life behaves, contracts keep appearing and nothing unexpected happens. We all know life doesn’t really work this way.

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inlayers episode 3

Taryn asked the dancers to bring an object or two that represents their story. With these objects they took part in an epic 45 minute improvisation that allowed them all to get in contact with each other, allowing them to know each other and their stories on a deeper level.

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inlayers Episode 1

Episode 1 of the inlayers series, we introduce the artists and their background and their first reactions to the questions of “What consumes you?”

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