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In the past few rehearsals i had a breakthrough, which nominated me as a featured dancer for those rehearsals. For one of the rehearsals Pam, Melina and i had to use Melina’s solo she developed from the day before and find ways to use contact in it. We played with some lifts and contact through our limbs and taryn would come often to see what she liked, and fix what she didn’t like. There were a number of lifts where i was the one that was lifting and since im not as experienced in lifting liked to have more time to figure pathways out. But before we got to a point where we actually got it, taryn would change it because it was not working. I was annoyed a bit and did tell her half way through to back off a bit just because we all need the time to figure stuff out. Which after the three of us found our rhythm and cleared up pathways and it was all fine and dandy! She later made us do our phrase we made x3 to the point of exhaustion which actually turned out pretty well from what she said.

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Dance was able to give me the gift of self expression at a time where i needed it most…

I focus on dance because it is something that takes place every day. In a sense, we are all dancers – and as cheesy as that may sound, it is true. Dance was a way for me, like many artist, to express myself and was a tool to release my frustrations and anger towards life. The first time anyone told me that “you inspired me” also gave me another reason to keep dancing. I wanted to be able to touch and inspire others through dance. I wanted them to have imagination people and to think of their bodies as a way to communicate to the world and not merely a static object in space.

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