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Our print shop is conveniently located downtown Calgary and we will serve you while you wait or drop off your project and pick it up at a later time. We have been located in our downtown office for over ten years.

We have seen a number of machines come and go, always staying up to date with the newest of technologies.

Our copiers, scanners and printers allow for any job requirement for any type of file printing or scanning. Our senior Staff member has over ten years printing experience under her belt- so really- there is nothing we haven’t done before. With this printing experience we have done a number of custom jobs including: Course materials for a week long leadership camp, magnets, Stampede invitations, die cut Tickets, and screen printing tee shirts.


About Mohamed Hamad

Mohamed Hamad is a web developer, designer and photographer from Auckland, New Zealand, currently based in Montreal. Mohamed's background is in web development and social media marketing, with an affinity for gadgets and life changing technologies. When not changing the world behind the scenes, Mohamed moonlights as a photographer.

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