Pam’s Path of Performance

Pamela Tzeng

Pamela Tzeng - Dancer

Ever wonder what goes on a dancer’s mind while performing? Pamela tells us what is running through her head during a performance.

–      Question of being cold? Guilt? Regret? Putting people on hold.

–       Close eyes & hands

–       Confessional – Story with light – Jenn – tension in elbows, twitch resist

–       Build up to cross-fade

–       Jenn diagonal, Hit hit hit – Splat

–       Listening… patience, wait.

–       Okay go.

–       Simon across, fix

–       Diagonal, go – cross Jenn  & Simon

–       Ladies

–       Change

–       Feel the light. Simon – tension. Go.

–       Consumption 1, 2,3, 4,5,6

–       Strike… no words.

–       Seclusion… reaching to sense

–       Beckoning – chest compression, flinch & insecurity

–       Simon’s voice. Rough brush. Jenn kisses and attack

–       Stuck on the wall…suffocating. Light.

–       Careful of group, release the chest.

–       Melina, crawls passed with Jenn & Ralph.

–       Simon resent over the shoulder. Pelvis run.

–       Take Simon. Eyes.

–       Cross Melina – giving.

–       Suffocate. Tension grip. Again passing through elbows, shoulders, back. Drop.

–       See the state of space, Simon.

–       Move 1. Hand. Hand hand listening for his hands Ralph. Simon. Move 2..3.

–       Melina,  kisses. The Fix.

–       I lied. Fast . All ears.

–       Game.Last one move to block. Hold her back.

–       Beckon.. emotional assault. Simon, Kaelen light.

–       Focus.. Melina versus Jen & Simon

–       Ralph pulls. Listen to secret. Respond. Many stops.

–       I lost Ralph. Question. You can’t just be like this. Get up. Move.

–       Fists & Runs. Seeing another. Some flocks.

–       Quintet. Mel, Jenn, Simon counter & eyes. Run.. see three-o Ground. X3 & Kaelen flow through rolls.

–       Go for it… tired. Efficiency . Ralph shift – Its important.. No.

–       Diagonals, Air, momentum through. Kaelen.

–       Hand Guestures. Jen. Ralph. Touch shoulder. Melina.

–       Pulling to open..elbow around to float. Reach. See joy. Hit to chest & spiral reach to suspend.. drop bounce bounce. Head leads up the quads to reach lift up. Finger wrists ground.

–       Columns. Simon.

–       Run & take his hand chest. Let go team.

–       Push to clothes. Ralph Ka. Jenn Pop. Under Mel to catch.

–       Simon, up & over.

–       Ralph up. Simon. Melina, Jenn, Simon, Ralph, Melina, Jenn,  Simon, Ralph

–       Carry me.

–       Hang guestures. Eyes, K light. R. M.J. S.K.

About Pamela Tzeng

Native to Alberta, Tzeng’s artistic journey has brought her to train and perform in Canada and across Europe and Brazil. As a performer she has worked with Arsenale della Danza, W&M Physical Theatre, La Caravan Dance Theatre and choreographers Ismael Ivo, Laura Boato, Stephen Thompson and Taryn Javier. Her choreography has been presented in several festivals in Alberta including Alberta Dance Festival and Springboard’s Fluid Movement Arts Festival. With the kind support of The Canada Council for the Arts and The Alberta Foundation for the Arts, she been able to pursue, produce and create dance by attending the 2010 ImPuls Tanz Festival in Vienna, Austria and choreographing ‘Fragile Ground’, premiered this fall in Dancers’ Studio West Artist in Residence 2011.

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