inlayers – partie une

In October of 2009, Jenn and Taryn began their collaboration to explore new methods of making contemporary dance more accessible. This project went to Montreal to be created and produced in five weeks. Dancers and interested artists were rounded up. They began to share the videos of this process with their network of friends on facebook attempting to reach out and stir interest in what it was they were doing. People responded and inlayers was born. The project opened to a full house on Dec. 05, 2009 at Studio Le Space.

inlayers Рdeuxi̬me partie

Highlighting the visceral, highly physical, and compelling work of choreographic director Taryn Javier, the second installation of inlayers will take place in Calgary, AB . Five dancers will push themselves to new levels as they are challenged, exposed, questioned, and displayed in this new work. Inside the abandoned Ant Hill building in Kensington the final work will be presented for audience. The last performance will include live music and dancing. Here, the dialogue between artist and audience will continue strengthening the impact of a shared creation.

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Mohamed Hamad is a web developer, designer and photographer from Auckland, New Zealand, currently based in Montreal. Mohamed's background is in web development and social media marketing, with an affinity for gadgets and life changing technologies. When not changing the world behind the scenes, Mohamed moonlights as a photographer.

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