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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, perhaps now is the time to dust off your dance shoes and explore what the Calgary dance community has to offer. After all, if you’re crippled with the two-left-feet syndrome that so many people suffer from, the least you can do is go watch someone perform who doesn’t suffer from the same foot dyslexia as you, right?

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Dance project aims to engage audience through online media – Calgary Journal

Contemporary dancers rehearsed in a studio, their group discussion was initiated by asking questions about love. The discussion amongst the dancers turned into individual reflection.
They talked to themselves out loud uttering words of frustration, sadness, guilt and pain. Each dancer shamelessly expressed how they felt — some cursing — as they spoke over one another in unison.

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inlayers episode 8

As the piece begins to take form in small vignettes, the dancers start to question their involvment in dance on a deeper level. New material is created and the group starts to connect to each other much more closely than before.

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Signage Solutions

Signage Solution

Established in 2008 in Calgary, Alberta, Signage and Printing Solutions has quickly become a go-to resource for various signage and printing needs.

With over 30 years combined experience, we specialize in many areas, and offer free consultation and complete signage design services. Available signage formats include Channel Letters, Light Box, Banners, Menu Boards, LED Lights, and many more for either interior or exterior use.

From start to finish, Signage and Printing Solutions is there for you. We are able to design, install, and repair should problems arise. As well, we specialize in multi-format printing, including commercial printing, business cards, flyers, and brochures.

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Dance project benefits from social media – Polytechnic Press

Polytechnic Press

Tired of their art being confined by their physical location, two Calgary based dancers have developed an innovative social media dance project known as inlayers.
The two artists had a vision to “vastly expand the art of contemporary dance to new levels by using online social media to reach a worldwide public,” said Taryn Javier, one of the project’s founders and choreographers.

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Featured Sponsor – Alberta Foundation for the Arts

The Foundation exists to fund, encourage, and support the development of arts as a valuable contributor to quality of life in Alberta, and to maintain and expand the AFA art collection as a strategic resource for all Albertans.

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Sponsor – Blue Collar Dance

BCDC was founded in 1996 with the purpose of developing a larger more vital awareness of and appreciation for dance theatre. Our two-fold mandate of production and community outreach encompasses many aspects and affords us the ability to provide Calgarians with a meaningful dance theatre experience. It is our intention that our activities make a viable contribution to the enrichment of culture within the Greater Calgary Area.

The Blue Collar Dance Companies (BCDC) principle mission is to disseminate dance theatre to the general public and to conduct programming that is inclusive and accessible to Calgary and the Surrounding Areas.

The three pillars of BCDC are Performance Opportunities, Creative Community Resources and Youth Education Outreach in the spirit of equal recognition and respect for all dance forms.

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inlayers episode 7

The dancers take a second go at the improv where they had to chose a word to describe each other dancer’s energy and try and get them to work in the opposite direction. During the next rehearsal, Taryn starts to piece some of the work together and the dancer’s have a group chat about becoming closer in the process.%POST_TITLE%

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inlayers episode 6

The dancers take on more contact improv and Taryn asks them to chose a word that describes each person and what type of energy they bring to the work. Their task is then to pull out the opposite quality of each dancer, making for some pretty interesting work!

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inlayers episode 5

The dancers review the existing material then take part in their first contact improv as a group. They get to know each other on a deeper level and give their thoughts on the topic.

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